You don’t actually need an email list to get started…All you need is a website. More importantly than a website, you need a brand. We in the email industry call this “alignment”. Alignment means that the people that you are sending emails to are expecting the emails! I say this because many people are actually suprised that they can’t just load in a million scraped leads and click BLAST on a viagara offer. I mean you COULD do that if you were a well known expert in the area of erectile dysfunction. I highly doubt that you want to make a name for yourself on the internet for being the dude with penis problems!

ANYWHO! So you have a brand. Now what you are looking for is “coreg/co-reg/coregistration”. This is really the golden goose in terms of getting email data cheaply! How it works is you have a form or a checkbox on a high volume website with information about what you offer, if a customer clicks “Yes”, you immediately get the lead. It’s gernally a few cents for generic data and substantially more for like say Home Security data. The cool thing about it is that you are getting it in real-time, meaning that these people are IN their email. You get CRAZY open rates and click rates with this.

While this sounds great…and it can be. There is also a super bad side to it. And you are probably already thinking it. You are one of probably 100 (or at least dozens) of people advertising for THAT email. So, while you get it, so are LOTS of other people. And they are doing exactly what you are doing, mailing that person right away. Now think about the person. Pissed off? Check! Clicking spam? More often than normal.

While the “spam clicking” pissed off subscriber might not complete grind your gears, there’s another side to this too. Many of these coreg websites are “Publisher’s Clearinghouse” style websites, where people are signing up to get money or win money online. Generally an older & low income demographic. BUT, the worst part about it is that many people think that the more things that they opt in to, the more likely they are to win. So, you wind up with people that 100% don’t want your product, not everbody, but you are paying per lead, so it IS worthwhile to mention.

I might have completely talked you out of coreg? If I didn’t, hit me up and I’ll connect you with some people that can massively help you out!

Aside from co-reg, you actually CAN buy data. I know that’s often a four letter word to some people, but there ARE people that will sell you quality data. Again, I have good connections with people that can actually get you good data that WILL convert for you. Don’t just buy any data, there are a lot of scams out there. I’ve been burned a LOT, now I like to help out the guys that helped me out.

Idea for somebody…literally anybody. Make a service where bloggers can promote other bloggers. For instance, I talk about email marketing. My good friend Jesse at also blogs about email (In a far more professional way). How could I promote Jesse and he promote me? I mean, yeah we know eachother and could blog for eachother, but what about the other people that are also email marketing bloggers? If I had an email list and person X has an email list, we could cross promote eachother! This would be ideal. I want a platform that does it for me. This way, I can grow my readers and they can grow their readers. Kind of like a best case scenario co-reg service, where only ONE other blogger would be promoted at a time. CREATOR HIVE, MAKE THIS!!! haha, I said I was going to nag the devs and I meant it.